D.O.C. Wine Bar is one of the many best Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. The restaurant is situated at 83 N 7th St Brooklyn and holds good place and well-decorated entrance. D.O.C as from name also presents best quality wine that can give you good and romantic mode while eating. This is the famous Italian food restaurant and people visit the restaurants because of its good, fresh and tasty Italian dishes.

D.O.C. wine bar is about as close to Italy as one can get amidst the hubbub of the Williamsburg social scene. With perfect lighting, low ceilings, candlelit tables, and a myriad of colored place settings, this restaurant lifts the air right out of Sardinia and drops it back into Brooklyn so the wine-sippers and dinner-goers can step into a little secluded world for a couple of hours. Unlike many hip Italian restaurants popping up off Bedford, D.O.C. is not overrun with hipsters, the waiters and staff is totally friendly, and the portions are filling. Plus there’s a beautiful selection of wine. Perfect for a romantic date or meeting all your friends for a three course celebration, you can’t go wrong with this place

If you love Italian food and Italians, “the real ones” you must try this wine bar. The food is great and they have an incredibly interesting Italian wine selection. The restaurant proudly presents very fresh, well cooked, tasty and healthy Italian food at really reasonable prices and I can say that if you are visiting there you will really enjoy your trip. Their best Italian chardonnay, you doesn’t have tasted ever in your dreams and a wonderful wine from Sardinia you can also share your feelings with waiter and they will suggest you the best wine you should drink. They have top of line cafe with some of the finest wines both imported and domestic. The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy at night and scenic through the windows during day.

The restaurant is best suitable for dating or if you are going to enjoy a good wine party dinner, they provide you the best location and atmosphere to have good Italian food with great fun. The wine bar also offer indoor and outdoor dinners and it is up to you where you want to have tasty Italian cuisine with great selection of Italian wine.

The staff and service is really excellent. The waiters are very communicating, well answering and very attentive to their visitors. This is the one of the few restaurants of the Brooklyn where the waiters will give you the best suggestion if you are new or disturbed of the menu, they also suggest you the best wine available in their selection. If you want to minimize your bill, they will let you have the order of low price dishes or wine.

In short words D.O.C. Wine Bar is the best place where you can get fresh and tasty Italian food with the best range of Italian wine. One thing that you must have to remember is that it is a Cash Only restaurant and they don’t accept credit/debit cards, so please keep the cash with you to avoid any disturbance.

{April 6, 2009}