Spanish and Mexican cuisines have their own charm and all the American in Brooklyn love to eat good quality Spanish and Mexicans cuisine near them. This is one of the reason that you will found many restaurants in your nearby that are providing Spanish and Mexicans food to the Americans.

Today we are going to share a very tasty and famous restaurant at 36 5TH Ave Brooklyn and the name of the restaurant is “El Viejo Yayo Restaurant”. The restaurant is providing fresh, tasty and healthy Mexican and Spanish food and is one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn. Restaurant is very well decorated and you will enjoy sitting there. El Viejo Yayo Restaurant also offer party dinners and space for celebrating your personal events like birthdays etc.

El Viejo Yayo Restaurant present both Spanish as well as Mexican cuisine under the one roof and now you have the opportunity to enjoy both Spanish food and Mexican food together at your table. The chefs at the restaurant are magicians and they cook the things with so taste that you will be surprised every time you will visit the restaurant.

Diverse menu of the restaurant is great blend of best Mexican and Spanish cuisine. The restaurant offer breakfast up to dinner and lunch and the tastiest dishes served at the restaurant are OmelettesCheese Omelets, Western Omelets, Hamburger Deluxe and appetizers like Shrimp Cocktail coctel de camarones, Marinated Clams, Chicken Soup, Spanish Soup, and Mixed Seafood Soup mariscos. Other tasty dishes included in the menu are Meat Selections Steak with Onions, Beef Steak In Sauce – Bistec En Salsa, Beef Steak with Mushrooms, Champinones, Pepper Steak, Bistec Salteado, BBQ Spare Ribs – Costillas a La BBQ, Beef Stew, Liver Spanish Style, Liver Steak, Beef Stew Ribs, Crab Meat In Hot Sauce, Lobster In Hot Sauce, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Stew, Fried Chicken, Broiled Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Chicken with Broccoli, Chicken Alfredo, Rice with Lobster, Rice with Chicken, Linguini with Seafood, Mamey and the special deserts awaits you at this beautiful Spanish and Mexican food restaurant.

Staff and service of the restaurant is extra ordinary. Waiters are really friendly and you will feel that you are dining at your home and talking with your friends. Other staff at the El Viejo Yayo Restaurant is also very attentive and straight forward and this thing helps the visitors to enjoy the good food in good mode. You can take suggestion if you are newer to the Spanish or Mexican cuisine and they will give you the best consultancy. You can also order your wine with the suggestion of waiter. The waiters are really attentive and will also help you to order the good food with fewer prices if you want to save your earnings.

I think this is the best place to enjoy Spanish and Mexican cuisines under one roof. The taste of the food, attitude of the staff and decoration of the restaurant make the place’s atmosphere very nice to enjoy good food. I recommend you to at least visit one time when ever you get a chance to visit them.

{April 8, 2009}