KitchenBar restaurant is situated at 687 6th Avenue Brooklyn. Restaurant’s location is very good and it has a beautiful entrance. KitchenBar restaurant offer food, wine, music and other different services to their customer. The food at KitchenBar Restaurant is fresh, clean, well-cooked and tasty. The people love to dine in the restaurant.

KitchenBar restaurant is very well decorated and also food is excellent. It is a neighborhood restaurant devoted to quality food and service, at affordable prices. Seasonal foods for variety and freshness served in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a vibrant, intimate and welcoming space in South Park Slope. The atmosphere and staff are friendly and comfortable. The walls are hand-painted in one-of-a-kind murals and adorned with local artists’ work sure to inspire you. . With an original cocktail menu that is just as comforting you as the food. KitchenBar offer “Swinging” Sunday Brunch, live music on Thursdays, a fantastic seasonal menu, monthly parties and events.

The menu of the restaurant contains very good dishes and all of them are tasty. The fresh food of the KitchenBar contains Salads, Soups, small dishes and large dishes with variety of wine, lunch and brunch. Few of the menu dishes are bleu cheese pear salad,house salad, caesar salad, french onion soup, mini paella, classic fried calamari, tapas burgers, pot stickers, mac n’ cheese, hummus, chicken and waffles, pomegranate molasses, candied pecans, a la mode, brioche french toast, berries, cinnamon whipped cream, mac n cheese, mixed green salad, farmer’s breakfast burgers, turkey sausage, egg, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, portabello “burger”. goat cheese, cheddar, panko crusted catfish po’boy, chipotle aioli, spinach artichoke dip, kb wings, mussels, hangar steak, fried chicken parm, roasted chicken, homemade gnocchi, fresh pasta, braised lamb shank, vegetable lasagna, philly cheese steak or chicken and panko crusted catfish po’boy.

Wine list at KitchenBar is very exclusive and you can find the best wines from different areas. The price of the wines is over all very good and is affordable. The regular menu of the KitchenBar contains the following wines. Posis, indaba sauvignon blanc western cape, marquis phillips verdelho south east, cline, falcon hill, cartilidge & browne , caliu g3, il giardino, massaya cabernet, evil and nieto are best of the wines available at the restaurant.

Service and staff are attentive, communicative and relaxing. The waiters helps you a lot by giving suggestions in selecting wine or dishes to save money and to enjoy the best cooked dishes available in the KitchenBar. Something the KitchenBar losses are there atmosphere, the place is often in rush and you might have to wait for your server. The other thing is that as the restaurant is a bar it is difficult to get sittings if you get late.

In the end I will say that the food of the restaurant is very best and tasty and you will enjoy the food. Wine list is also good and they have quality wines. If you are very choosy or sensitive to the service than I think you should avoid. Staff is good but you often have to wait a little for them that is not fair. Also they overcharge a little due to their best food and wine but it is not much more for any one willing to enjoy best food.

{April 8, 2009}