Today here we are introducing another good Italian restaurant in Brooklyn just for you to visit and enjoy the good Italian food in your neighbor. At 1235 Prospect Ave Brooklyn you will find the beautiful Italian restaurant with name board of L & J Bistro. This restaurant provides a good atmosphere to have good fresh food and also their service is good to talk about them. Authentic and tasty Italian dishes are available at there restaurant and you will enjoy the best taste of Italian right at L & J Bistro.

The diverse menu of the L & J Bistro includes many popular authentic, tasty and fresh cooked dishes. The best cooked dishes of the L & J Bistro restaurant are Ravioli, pasta, homemade pasta, best sauces, egglant parm, veal pizzaiola, sole oreganata, Fresh Mozzarella Pizza, egglant parm, smoked salmon, Pizza margarita and basil. They also have selection of good quality Italian wine just for you to enjoy with L & J Bistro. If you are looking for terrific Italian food that is always fresh than L & J Bistro is the place you need to visit. Their sauces are the best ever you tasted and surly you will enjoy them. Their egglant parm, veal pizzaiola, and filet of sole oreganata are also the best you can find. This is an intimate establishment and Laura and Sal treat guests like family. They are also flexible with the menu and can customize dishes according your preferences so it is not difficult to get there and enjoy there a good food.

The service and staff of the L & J Bistro restaurant at 1235 Prospect Ave are very attentive, communicative and they will help you a lot while you are enjoying food at their restaurant. The waiters at this restaurant are very good and will obey your orders in very less time. They will also suggest you about the good Italian dishes that you might like and can also help you to select a good taste Italian wine if you are a newer for Italian cuisine. L & J Bistro offers you to customize your order also. If you are not agreed with the food or dish packages provided by the restaurant you can customize them and can add or remove any dish from the package to enhance your budget or taste but remember to take some suggestions from waiter while doing so to make your eating very good with very less price.

Shortly L & J Bistro Italian restaurant is providing good quality, fresh and authentic Italian food to their visitors and if you want to enjoy the best Italian you must have to visit there. The food is fresh and well-cooked. You are also available with best Italian wine. Staff and service of the restaurant is also very good, communicative, and attentive, they will really help and suggest you to choose your dishes. The thing that is worse about the restaurant is that sometime they customize the packages by themselves and not mentioning on the menu so you must have to ask the waiter whether package is full or some thing is missing if you are going to get the package for some special dishes.

{April 6, 2009}