Mojito Loco Inc is one of the best Spanish cuisine restaurants that offer the fresh, healthy and tasty Spanish cuisine with best service and attitude. The Restaurant is situated at 102 Meserole St and can be seen with its best location. The restaurant provides excellent Spanish food with late night dinners. Mojito Loco Inc also offers top quality Latin American food along with prime quality Spanish food.

This is definitely one of best Spanish and American food restaurants in Brooklyn. Mojito Loco Inc is incredible in service also. They have a diverse menu for their visitors from chicken, beef to the healthy and fresh vegetables. Mojito Loco Inc also offers their services for different parties. You can now enjoy the best Spanish or Latin American food with beautiful atmosphere at Mojito Loco Inc. you can enjoy birthday dinners, anniversaries or even you can take advantage of there good food for a corporate party.

Mojito Loco is very well decorated restaurant and you will feel a difference from other Spanish restaurants in its decoration. The tables and chairs are classic and the crockery they have for their guests are very beautiful and you will enjoy eating in such a beautiful decorated place.

Menu of Mojito Loco Spanish restaurant is very beautiful and is full of the best recopies and dishes from the cuisines of Spanish and Latin America. The menu include Empanadas beef, chicken, spinach cheese, House Salad jicama, cucumber, carrots, grilled chicken, Mussels a La Chalaca, Mojito Ceviche, Fried Ceviche pan served chunks of tilapia topped with amarillo peppers sauce, cilantro. red onions, Ceviche Mixto, Jalea crispy calamari, Mango Tilapia citrus marinated, Pollo A La Brasa, Pork Chops grilled, mojito sauce, Lomo Saltado, Veggie Burrito, mushrooms, corn, peas, Roasted Pork braised with Latin spices, Spicy Chicken, Achiote Steak, Capas Al Horno, Grilled Sirloin Steak Sandwich, Burger, Mojito Burger avocado, Pica Mucho Burger, Sweet Plantains, Fried Yucca, Quinoa & Beans, Dessert Divine, Flan, Drinks Soda coke, diet coke, Cuban Sandwich, French Toast, Iced Tea, Coffee and many more dishes are offered at the beautiful Mojito Loco Restaurant.

Staff and the service also make this place to visit it again and again. The waiters and other staff is attentive hardworking and they all are really devoted to their work and this makes the food very easy for you to be enjoyed. As Mojito Loco Restaurant takes the arrangement for parties, they have good and attentive waiters to satisfy all your guests with very warm welcome and you will proudly get the thanks of them for the best party of their lives.

In very short words I will say that Mojito Loco Restaurant in Brooklyn is best place for tasty and fresh Spanish and Latin American food. Their menu is diverse and they have all the things for you to enjoy. They also offer parties with good management and their service and staff is like a five star restaurant and you must have to visit the Mojito Loco once for me.

{April 10, 2009}