Another best Spanish food restaurant in Brooklyn situated at 1 Front St “Toro Restaurant” is offering there nice services for the food lovers of the Brooklyn.
The restaurant is offering a versatile food along with Spanish cuisine. They also present Thai, Latin American and much other mixed food to their visitors.

Location of the restaurant is very nice and one can feel that the location is ideal to enjoy good food. The decoration is very charming and furniture is classic. The restaurant looks very good from inside due to the classy approach of colors. They have a great lounge and an extensive sushi bar. Lightings inside and outside the restaurant also increase its beauty and makes food very enjoyable for you.

Food at Toro Restaurant is very good. Mainly they provide you the best quality fresh Spanish food but you can also order Thai and Asian food also. Thai and Asian food is also very good but originally as it is Spanish restaurant so there specialty is Spanish. Toro Restaurant dishes are absolutely perfect and they use fresh and hygienically best ingredients to take care of there customers.

Menu of the Toro Restaurant is wide and expanded because they are offering Thai and Asian food along with Spanish. Few of the most popular dishes at the Toro Restaurant are Chicken Katsu, Basil chicken, beef, shrimp, Kungpo chicken, General Tso chicken, Curry chicken, Garlic Sauce chicken, Broccoli chicken, Yaki Udon, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, House Special Fried Rice with chicken & shrimp, Malaysian Curry Noodles Soup chicken, Chicken Katsu with Japanese steak sauce, Pan Seared Salmon, Steamed Chicken Sea Bass with black bean sauce, Thai Mango chicken, Thai Pineapple chicken, salmon, String Bean With Sambal Sauce, Sesame Tofu With Bok Choy, Garlic Baby Vegetables, Eel unagi, Egg tamango, Fluke hirame, Octopus tako, Red Tobiko, Sea Eel anago, Sea Urchin, Spicy Scallop hotategail, Striped Bass Suzuki, Roll Combo A tuna, Spicy Yellowtail, Soft Shell Crab Roll tempura soft shell crab w. avocado, tobiko and cucumber topped with eel sauce, Toro Roll california roll topped w. spicy tuna and crunch and many more tasty dishes are also available at the restaurant.

Service of the Toro Restaurant is good and the waiters of the restaurant will never feel you like rush or you will never feel that the staff is neglecting you. The quick service enables you to get the food right in time and attentive waiters are ready to solve your problem any time. They will also suggest you about the best food dishes and wines available at the restaurant.

Toro Restaurant is offering you the best Spanish and Asian food at really best prices. The quality of food is very good and you will never feel that you are paying something more than what you got to eat. Toro Restaurant is one of the best Spanish restaurants and I will offer you to visit the restaurant at least once and you will go next time by your own because of their tasty and fresh Spanish and Asian food. So enjoy best Spanish and Asian food at Toro Restaurant next time when you visit the 1 Front St.

{April 12, 2009}